Safe Hot-Work, Saves Lives™

HotWorkMadeSafe™ consists of a conglomerate of companies from all over the world. These companies will, alone or in combination, be able to serve any and all needs you as the client will need or want to make your workers safe, protect your investment, keep production going while repairs goes on in any classified or unclassified environment where Hot-Work takes place.

Worldwide the companies in HotWorkMadeSafe™ provides both Hot-Work solutions, safety solutions, climate control, weather protection and more.

These companies provide two kinds of Habitats:

1: The Tri-Diamond™ Habitat. A pressurized Habitat made of highly heat and fire resistant Tri-Diamond™ panels. This is often referred to as a Pressurized Welding Habitat. The Tri-Diamond™ Habitat is the most advanced and leading habitat solution in the world. This type of habitat will often be used on Oil Platforms, Oil Rigs, Refineries, LNG plants, Petrochemical plants or any other place where dangerous, poisonous or flammable gasses could be present. The use of the Tri-Diamond™ Habitat with auxiliary systems will turn a classified area into a non-classified area. Work can thus go on without shutting down production while workers are protected.

2: The TUFF™ Shrink Wrap habitat. A habitat designed to provide a dust and climate controlled environment while keeping a professional and clean facade to the world around the work place when performing maintenance, repair or new construction. TUFF™ Shrink Wrap is also an effective and efficient choice for any scaffolding applications. TUFF™ Shrink Wrap is also optimized for protecting any item or machinery while being transported or stored. We can wrap ANTYHING, regardless of the size or shape.

TUFF™ Shrink Wrap is also a good option if you need to store your equipment. TUFF™ Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Shrink Wrap protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and will not harm glass, plastic, or other parts of assemblies.

HotWorkMadeSafe™ provides our clients through the use of the Tri-Diamond™ Habitat, TUFF™ Shrink Wrap and other solutions with the proper safety measures that meet their needs and requirements in an ever changing world. Often we will provide you with a combination of our different products and services to create the perfect solution for you. We do not offer simple standardized products; HotWorkMadeSafe™ provides you with tailor made solutions for each situation. We want to provide the right solution for the client while keeping the price affordable.

HotWorkMadeSafe™ associated companies only uses certified Hot-Work safety technicians to erect, operate and maintain habitats and any other used systems.

The most important task for HotWorkMadeSafe™ is to make sure your workers are safe and your investment is protected. That's why we use the Tri-Diamond™ Habitat and TUFF™ Shrink Wrap.

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